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Nov 12, 2022: The World Calls Out For Climate Justice

Nov 12, 2022 Videos

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At COP 27, The World Calls Out for Climate Justice

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At COP27 climate justice is imperative. We demand:

Canada step up and do its Fair Share

Rich countries like Canada need to repay their climate debt and heed the calls of the Most Affected Peoples and Areas.

  • Reach zero emissions quickly – at least 60% below 2005 levels by 2030
  • Contribute more international climate funds, making up for shortfalls
  • Cancel debts and pay reparations to Global South adaptation, loss and damage

Uphold Global Solidarity and Human Rights

The work and full, free participation of civil society is essential to climate action and a just transition away from fossil fuels. Climate justice is social and economic justice.

  • Call on Egypt to release political prisoners and close politically-motivated cases against human rights activists
  • End repression of civil society
  • End the surveillance, harassment and arrests in Indigenous communities, such as is happening on Wet’suwet’en territory

Respect Indigenous Sovereignty

Across the country and worldwide, Indigenous Peoples face the legacy of colonialism and ongoing rights violations in the name of extractive projects and corporate interests.

  • Respect and uphold Indigenous rights, including sovereignty and land title rights
  • End the surveillance, harassment and arrests in Indigenous communities
  • Work with and enable First Nations as they steward the lands and waters

Phase out Fossil Fuels with a Just Transition

Fund a just transition to a zero carbon economy. Protect impacted workers and help countries across the globe leap-frog over fossil fuels.

  • Stop fossil fuel infrastructure expansion. Cancel TMX, CGL and Baie du Norde
  • End all fossil fuel industry subsidies and tax fossil fuel profits 
  • Prohibit building new gas plants and require zero-carbon electricity grids by 2030
  • Leave no one behind, prioritizing strong public services

No False Solutions     

Aiming for “net zero” instead of real emissions reductions, prolongs fossil fuel production and delays a fair transition for other sectors. It endangers Indigenous communities and intact ecosystems worldwide.

  • Pursue real zero not “Net Zero”
  • End public investments in carbon capture, blue hydrogen and other fossil fuel enabling technology
  • Resist loopholes and offsets for industry
  • Act to protect biodiversity, empowering Indigenous leadership
  • End harms done internationally by mining companies